Individual Personal Training

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Individual Personal Training program allows our coaches to offer a individual focus and training approach for each athlete.

The Specifics

This program offers a comprehensive athletic type of development for individual athlete. Using a science based approach, our coaches will design a program for each athlete, tailored to fit their athletic needs. The athletes are evaluated based on their physical ability in their specific sport and position. They are then placed on a specific program that focuses on improving strength, agility, speed and power. In addition to rigorous training, the athlete will also be educated in sports nutrition and recovery that will help sustain the body during athletic competition. This program is for that serious athlete who is prepared to be physically and mentally challenged.

  • Timed Sessions

    60-75 minutes sessions to be determined by strength coach depending on the specific training module for that session.

  • Personalized Programs

    Each athlete will be evaluated and then placed on a program specifically designed for their sport, position and ability.

  • Groups of 1-3 Athletes

    This program is designed to allow our coaches to focus on the science behind performance training. One on one approach to enhance performance while monitoring and tracking overall progress.

  • Meets 2x Per Week

    All programs are scheduled for twice a week to allow for rest and recovery of every athlete.

  • Nutritional Education

    Each athlete will be educated on the specific foods needed to perform optimally.

Plan Pricing

Our pricing is depending on factors surrounding your situation and needs, please contact Lisa Pelt for specifics on pricing.

The Athlos Experience is Unlike any other

Our programs offer next level training, conditioning, and work to help build your athlete's foundational skills for the next level.

Not sure?

Not the right program for you? You're in luck, we offer a variety of training styles/ combinations that will help your athlete at whatever level they're at.

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