About Athlos

Our Vision

Our vision has always been clear. To have a facility where both athletes and their families could work on their fitness journeys together. The facility part has been a hard obstacle to overcome due to the unfortunate circumstances of the world these days. Although that dream had to be placed on hold temporarily, the passion is still there. After much discussion, the idea to take our vision on the road became the perfect answer.

Whether our facility is stationary or mobile, our main goal will always be to create an environment where communication is key. We understand that every athlete has different goals and has their own means of learning and their own means of motivation. To help them get to that next level is not just physical. We also have to focus on the mental and emotional aspects as well. This creates the well rounded athlete.

Teaching strength, endurance, visualization and work ethic is the foundation of our training. Above all, to extend our passion to the entire family, where health and fitness can be the bridge to togetherness brings our vision full circle.

Our mobile training business emerged and allowed us to take our training on the road. Travelling to different locations as well as to team training sites. In June of 2022, we were given the great opportunity to partner with The PAC. We found a local gym facility in Leander that helped diversify our training options.

At Athlos Performance, we believe in the principle of competing against yourself. It's about self improvement and working towards being better than you were the day before. Our mission is to challenge and motivate our athletes, as well as their families to train beyond their limits both mentally and physically. The body achieves what the mind believes.

Meet our athlos family

At Athlos Performance, we understand what it is like to follow your passion. To find your purpose in life and career. This is why Coach Scott created the Coaching Intern Program. This offers young adults the opportunity to have real life experience in the field of athletic training while earning their NASM certification.

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Lisa Pelt

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Isaiah Poston

The PAC Gym Facility

Athlos Performance offers indoor training at The PAC. We focus on weight training, resistance training, plyometrics and injury prevention. The facility is located at 8220 183A Leander, Tx 78641.

Our Mobile Facility

Athlos Performance mobile facility allows our trainers to come to your athletes. We provide specialized training equipment that enhances our unique style of training while offering easy convenience for coaches and parents. We also have flexible training days and hours to meet your team/athletes needs.

Interested in our programs?

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