Large Group/ Team Training

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Groups of 10+ Ind Athletes/Team Groups
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Pre Analysis for Team Groups Only
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Large Group/Team Training program includes weights and resistance tools (age based), warm up, workout and post workout flexibility.

The Specifics

This program is designed to focus on basic key performance factors that athletes generally need to work on. We commonly find familiar weaknesses and strength in a group with similar performance skills. This allows us to focus on a more large scale of training. This program will focus on all things needed for sport for the overall athlete. Such as coordination, flexibility, injury prevention, speed, strength and power on a large scale. Athletes are taught proper form through excercises that maximize muscle and performance gains while minimizing possible injuries. By setting up a large group/team training, it simply allows us to bring you skilled training in our most affordable pricing.

  • Timed Sessions

    60-75 minute sessions determined by the strength coach and depending on the specific training modules for that session.

  • Groups of 10+ Athletes/Team Groups

    Designed to focus on the basic essentials varying on anything or all key points such as stability, agility, strength and power and power performance crucial to the success in any sport.

  • Meets 2x Per Week

    All programs are scheduled for twice a week to allow for rest and recovery of the team or athlete.

  • Pre Analysis for Team Groups Only

    Pre analysis for teams who sign up to workout as one single group. Athletes will be evaluated based on their specific position.

  • End of Program Analysis

    Each athlete will be tested at the conclusion of the program for progress and testing results. This includes individual athletes as wells team groups.

Plan Pricing

Our pricing is depending on factors surrounding your situation and needs, please contact Lisa Pelt for specifics on pricing.

The Athlos Experience is Unlike any other

Our programs offer next level training, conditioning, and work to help build your athlete's foundational skills for the next level.

Not sure?

Not the right program for you? You're in luck, we offer a variety of training styles/ combinations that will help your athlete at whatever level they're at.

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